Third Party Software Integration to SAP

Packaged ERP software like SAP provides a variety of functions to make operational dysfunctions visible. Having a transparent system allows organizations to have a better understanding of their operations and thus make it more efficient. However, it is not easy to integrate SAP into your already established system. There are systems from multiple vendors, the non-SAP systems, that need to be integrated with SAP so that the data and information can be collected and analyzed better. This integration is a primary struggle and hinderance that organizations face, which keeps them from meeting growing customer demands.

For this, ERP Experts has you covered. Our SAP integration solutions help connect SAP with any non-SAP system to utilize its functionality via mobile devices, web interfaces & third-party apps. We apply time, efforts and talent to perform the integration smoothly so that you don’t have to shift your focus to non-operating activities.

Our ERP system integration eases information transfer between disparate systems which a business employ. We simplify the data collation process to eradicate redundancies associated with each app to collect and store information by creating a single point of information access thereby, reducing time spent on searching for data. This way not only time gets saved but data updates become instantaneous as well.

  • Make the most use of Automation
  • Reduce Workload on IT
  • Boost Agility
  • Low Maintenance

Experience the Advantage

  • We understand the power of integration and the tools to build that integration. We understand data virtualization, and the underlying technologies to make it happen.
  • We can integrate and build upon any industry solutions and integrate it with HANA/ ECC to build a solution that the users would love.
  • We are experts in SAP Process Integration, Process Orchestration, and Standards-based connectivity frameworks like oData, REST, and JSON.
  • Our developers excel in Java, .Net, PHP and most other technologies, and our architects know how to make them work together for sustainable integration solutions.